Mad and Bad and….Sad

24 Jun

I couldn’t quite credit what unfolded before my little eyes in the early hours of this morning. What on earth were the English and Welsh thinking? My own little corner of England voted to leave. My age group across the country, largely, voted to leave. What future have we given the young who voted, largely, to remain?

Mad? Farage went on national TV this morning and told the leave voters that it had been a mistake to suggest that our EU contribution was £350mill and that this figure would be pumped into the NHS.

Bad? The vision of integration and working together for a better and more united Europe has been replaced by the rise of a nationalistic, divisive and, possibly, neo-fascist faction in both the major parties – and others.

Sad? That we have set ourselves against eachother. The Scots and the Northern Irish wanted remain. What now for the UK? What now for the fragile peace of N.I.? Honourable men and women will step aside and the opportunists will take over. What mess have we dumped upon the next generation?


One Response to “Mad and Bad and….Sad”

  1. prez June 24, 2016 at 3:02 pm #

    You totally echo what I feel sorro.

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