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I really don’t understand….

28 Feb
  1. Why a 52/48 referendum close call (with 28% not voting) shows that Brexit means Brexit and the Will of the People is unequivocally in favour of death by a thousand cuts over the next many, many, many years.
  2. Why a man on the tube today squeezed his spots and wiped the unpleasant seepage on the seat cushion.
  3. Donald Trump.
  4. UKIP.
  5. Why a mistake on a card at an awards show is the first item on each national news channel.
  6. Why school pupils need to manipulate complicated sine and cosine equations for GCSE but struggle with their times tables and can’t add 231 and 345 in their heads.
  7. Why there is so much bellyaching about poor soccer refereeing decisions, yet the world’s richest game won’t use the technology available as all other high profile sports do.
  8. Why Leicester players get a brilliant and nice man sacked and then start to try.
  9. Why four people having a meal together in Pizza Express  (Trafalgar Square) sat in silence staring at their iPhones.
  10. Opera.

That’s enough brain-ache for one day.

No end in sight….so I’ll settle for a pint of Harvey’s

24 Feb

The last thing we Remoaners wanted was for Tony Blah to invade our camp. We haven’t got WMDs so leave us alone, Tone. Your track record for global shit-stirring makes you persona non grata. Take yourself and the spinning, conniving Peter-the cheater-Mandlebum, off to your next speaking engagement.

And as for John Berk Cow..and Paul Nutter-all. Well the political circus goes on here there and everywhere but without the McCartney melody it is now a grating discord. No wonder that Trumpers and Brexiteers smile smugly in self-righteous confirmation that their vote has kicked asss. The game is to watch the liberal and political and media elites run around like headless chickens. Trump and Sweden..what’s all that about? Truth is (or not) who the fuck cares as long as the BBC and CNN get in a paddy about it?

Trying to block out the white-noise of global lying is a tricky business but I can usually manage it. I haven’t been blogging of late because seeing the world through a prism sceptical humour seems too trivial in these days of lying and poses. But half-term shook me out of remisery and I met up with old university mates. We laughed and talked of less complicated times and house prices that were affordable for twenty-somethings.

I saw La La Land and smiled. I watched a fat Sutton United goalkeeper eat a pie and smiled. I watched a brilliant hockey match in Canterbury and smiled. Improbably I braved Pirates of Penzance at the Coliseum – and smiled. David Gower was sitting in front of us, also smiling. I ate an American Hottest at Pizza Express; more smiles. I played golf in the sun and lost..but still smiled. And so on..

Claudio Ranieri’s sacking and the fat goalie’s resignation dented my joie de vivre somewhat but soccer is a basket case, much like politics. There’s no end in sight for Greed and the ivory towers where the rich and famous live in their bubbles. At the Royal Oak tonight a pint of Harvey’s will be a pleasing antidote to the infection of the world beyond my ken.

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