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It’s All Relative…

19 Aug

I see Theresa Maybe has condemned the Trumpmeister for slating both left and right wing protesters at Charlottesville. She was on board our new £3billion aircraft carrier which, it is hoped, will get to the world’s troublespots faster than a Southern train to Waterloo. Further, it is hoped that the cost of putting the giant vessel on the ocean waves will not escalate beyond that of the newly-priced season tickets for commuters.

After Wimbledon and the Lions and the major golf tournaments and England’s women’s great cricketing win – and our men beating South Africa and Tom Daley and Adam Peaty and Sir Mo and those relay teams and the wonder that is/was Usain – even with cramp – isn’t it great to slide back down to the start of the Premiership? Multi-million-pound transfer nonsense, sendings-off and the petulance of boys chucking their toys out over exorbitant pay-deals. Ugh.

The World Athletics caused a stair in our house, memories of 2012 and all that. Despite the relative paucity of our British individual performances, those who attended the sell-out sessions were full of the excitement generated by the world’s best – and the mastery of the stadium presentation and commentary headed up by Iwan Thomas. For those of us sitting at home the menu was dire. Denise Lewis talking bollocks, closely followed by Paula Radcliffe. Thank God for Michael Johnson. Have a good retirement Brendan. You’re quitting at the right time.

I have just heard that Sir Brucie has gone. I can’t say that I was a huge fan but his old fashioned brand of corn with song and dance has been the backdrop of variety TV – weekend wallpaper – all my life. Sunday Night at the London Palladium on our black and white TV was wholesome, fun, fare for the family in the 50s and 60s, a lifetime ago. A man who offended so few and entertained so many.

As another right wing white supremacist, Steve Bannon, steps away from the White House, for how much longer will we see the phallic red tie stepping out of Air Force One?

On the BBC sports website I had to search and search – and search – for anything on the Hockey European Championships, currently being played in Amsterdam. Try it. Loads about Countinho, Conte and Costa but zilch on our Olympic Champions.

And as more dire news comes in from Barcelona and Finland we turn to the nutty problem of whether Big Ben’s bongs should be silenced. Mankind can take only so much reality. It’s a relative judgement.





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