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The Leveson Enquiry – Oh what a circus.

26 Apr

Just how much money is this self-satisfied Kangaroo court costing the taxpayer? Since everyone who appears on our screens, including the media entourage, are all making big bucks , who really gives a shit? The gravy train rolls on.

Today the airwaves are full of it. Murdoch Snr. has been implausibly greaseballing his way through the day, denying that he had anything to do with anything and dumping as many others in the mire as possible. He has been ably abetted by the suave Robert Jay QC who leans on a desk looking like a bored frontman for the call-centre operatives behind him. He’s smug and clever and good at counting the thousands he’s making from the dozens of glory-seekers he cross-examines.

The whole thing is designed to make crooks sound plausible, politicians seems squeaky clean and give celebs with flagging careers or a disproportionate sense of injustice another day in the sun (ho ho). Whatever comes out of it  Ed  Milliband will turn into a stick to beat posh Dave with. As if we men and women on the street, in the workshops, offices, factories, hospitals, police stations, schools, shops …really give a monkeys. We know what’s going on but we can’t stop the rollercoaster.

Then there’s Nick Robinson on the six o’clock news weaving a web of articulate magic about the politics of the day. The beguiling eyes behind the boffin specs are cajoling us into thinking This is really important, really crucial. The world turns differently after another compelling day at Westminster. But it doesn’t.

Leveson, Robinson, Marr -even silly Ed and posh Dave – are simply feeding the cash cow of the Murdoch empire – and at our expense. We need that thing called Society. How much do we really need Politics? Discuss. But only after you have thought about Millie Dowler and dismissed the rest of the circus from your mind.

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