Can we vote again, please…? A plea to David Cameron.

24 Jun

Dear Dave,

You have done the honourable thing by resigning but have you been too hasty? Honour has been little in evidence throughout the tawdry campaign. Now that the markets are in free-fall and Nigel Farridge has admitted that the Leave financial argument was a mistake (aka a con, a lie, a deception); now that the Irish are set against the Welsh, the English against the Scots, London against the Brummies, town v country and families infighting; now that recession looms and Boris the spider appears to be in position to Trump you as leader; now that politicians have reached a nadir in the public esteem – save for the tragic and recently departed Jo Cox; now that the young realise that the greybeards have outvoted them and they wish that more of the under 25s had left the boozer in time to vote; now that Great Britain has metamorphosed into Little Britain; now that the mini-Sturge woman will trigger another independence vote for the Kilties; now that the IRA are flexing their own trigger fingers; now that we have no say at all about what goes on in Europe and yet must toe the line for the next two years anyway…

NOW why don’t you wait a few days, have a little rest, reflect on things while the country realises its mistake and…call for another referendum! I guarantee a few things: 1. There would be a greater turnout, particularly among the younger voters; 2. A significant number of Leavers (I voted Leave just to see what would happen, types) would jump ship; 3. REMAIN would win.

Of course the people have spoken but we made a mistake (like Mr Fridge) and so we’d like to do it again. Leavers might think that I am being patronising. Not at all. When pupils in my class gave a wrong answer I always invited them to think again, more carefully and come up with a different response. I’m sure that it would work on a national scale. A week from today would be convenient.

I fear that you are already out of the back door of Number 10, thinking about your property portfolio and the fees you can charge for after-dinner speaking, book deals and the like. Meanwhile Boris the Spider and pouty Gove are marching down Downing Street with a misplaced Churchillian swagger (just a hint of jackboot) while secretly thinking ‘what the fuck do we do now?’ First things first for them – get to the top of the greasy pole – become PM by October. Armageddon or what?

Don’t let it happen Dave. Keep the memoirs under wraps; retract your resignation and call for a re-vote. We got it wrong first time for all sorts of reasons. As with most exams, can we do a retake? We let our kids do it, why not the whole nation?

With little hope but lots of heart,

Simply Sorro

3 Responses to “Can we vote again, please…? A plea to David Cameron.”

  1. Angela Daly June 24, 2016 at 11:55 am #

    Go on Paul, set up a petition calling for a re-vote. I totally agree with your analysis of why it went wrong and if Farage has admitted he lied – I didn’t see that – then reason enough to call it a spoiled election!

  2. Dai Griffiths June 24, 2020 at 7:15 pm #

    Remembered this so well. But I fear that there is a large portion of the British public (Thatchers children) who are not the thoughtful sensible humans we imagine, taking their lead from the scandal rags. The Mother of Parlaiments prepared to except down right lies on a daily basis.

    • simplysorro June 24, 2020 at 7:29 pm #

      Well Dai, what goes around …etc. Weirdly I am readingCameron’s biography. It’s pretty good. He was a great admirer of Nick Clegg and saw Boris for what he was/is. The trouble at the moment is Boris’s complete incompetence, never mind the Thatcherite, self interested, duplicitous, lying, unscrupulous, …. tosser that he is. Nice of you to read my historical rants! Xx

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