About Sorro…simply.

I stopped teaching eight years ago after a 36year stint. It was fine; don’t feel sorry for me.  I’m 68 and instead of squawking at 11B or mopping furrowed staff brows in my capacity as Deputy Head and bottlewasher of Cranbrook School, I am a bit of a blogger.

How else do I fill my time? I wrote this a few years ago: ‘I might go to the driving range to bash a few golf balls or visit my local, delicious little cinema in cosmopolitan Hawkhurst – the Kino, or have a cup of tea and snooze in front of Countdown. This could mean waking up during Deal or No Deal – not a recipe for personal equilibrium. That normally sends me off for early beer at the Oak and Ivy or the Great House or The Bull.’

Well I don’t go to The Oak and Ivy much and I’m not sure that Deal or No Deal is still gracing our TV screens. I have recently cycled from London to Istanbul, which helped pass the time and made me feel that I’m doing my bit to keep mind and body in reasonable nick. Too many of my contemporaries are ailing or dead. We’re supposed to be the generation of longevity aren’t we?

I’m a man who admits to enjoying pretty much all of my teaching career. Well I would, wouldn’t I? For the last 18 years  have been Deputy at an outstanding Grammar school – yes one of them – in a lovely Wealden, Kentish town just a shade under an hour by train from London. My children went to the school and seem happy, well-educated and haven’t serially killed anyone. They are graduates…and they are employed. Result. Now they are married and..more, I have 3 grandchildren. Cup runneth over and all that.

My sick-making assertions about enjoying a teaching career are based on nice kids, nice school and nice combination of work. I was an English teacher who loved sport. When I left Loughborough circa 1976 I was a PE Teacher who liked English. Both these subjects worked for me. I have spent most of my term-time Saturdays helping, supporting, coaching the youth of Kent. That has meant that on Mondays many of them liked me more than they might otherwise have done. Time given outside your box repays with the time that kids have for you. It’s true of any committed teacher – Art, drama, music, sport, language exchanges, skiing, debating, chess clubs, CCF, charity work, environmental groups, young enterprise…shall I go on? And yes, all these things happened at Cranbrook and more. Enough. Send your kids there. I did.

So I am the son of a Dane long since passed away. Mummy sadly died 5 years ago and brothers and sister have spawned an array of talented young things. I notice how work worries them all – what to do? Where to get it? how to enjoy it when you’re doing it? Work-life balance is a buzzy expression. It means life doesn’t it? Enjoy life. Look after yourself in life and look after those close to you.

Perhaps we learn these lessons a little late. As a divorced man I am hoping that I am better than I was but no guarantees. I’m better at domestic chores (I’ve had to be); better at bank accounts (I’ve had to be); better at listening to what others say rather than switching off (I’ve had to be). And so on.

So this blog, if that is what this is, will gradually, I dare say, reveal a little more of me as time goes on. You will be exposed to my thoughts on all manner of things. A questionable pleasure.

2 Responses to “About Sorro…simply.”

  1. Thomas Beney July 14, 2016 at 9:49 am #


    Great to see you on Monday, congratulations on your famous victory.


  2. Erik September 7, 2016 at 8:58 pm #

    Go Soro!

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