Minority Report

7 Feb

I note that Harry Styles is being pilloried on social media for finishing his gracious Grammy-winning acceptance speech with the rather faux-humble : ‘This doesn’t happen to people like me and it’s so, so nice. Thank you.’ Presumably this was a reference to his humble upbringing before he became a multi-millionaire. Whatever. The anti white privilege police latched on immediately and fed their outrage into cyberspace.

It bothers me less that dickheads put this sort of silly, one-eyed unpleasantness out there, than the major news organs – international press, BBC, Sky etc – give it the oxygen of further publicity beyond that of Twatter. We, in the rightly liberal West, have been been caught by the minority bug. So keen have we been to champion all manner of good causes that we have allowed crankiness and the vehemence of those with a soapbox and a shrill voice to silence the moderate majority.

Chances are that the genuine fight for fairness, justice, equality etc will be derailed by minority sniping and outrage. Academics losing jobs (or being hounded out), the mess that Nicola Sturgeon has created for herself, JK Rowling, Yorkshire Cricket Club, the quotas for this and that, the Welsh not being allowed to sing Delilah… of course I could go on but I don’t want to sound like Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells in a letter to the Telegraph. But you get my drift. We can’t see the wood from the trees. The self serving greed and corruption at the heart of government gives licence to a moral carelessness that pervades society. The majority have hunkered down in a silent bunker. There are big things to sort out in our world but the minority are setting a false agenda.


3 Responses to “Minority Report”

  1. john thorne February 7, 2023 at 11:41 am #

    Reminds me, we need a catch up. A taxi driver writes….

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  2. laurenpom February 7, 2023 at 3:25 pm #

    Dear PaulI agree.I’m one of those All Lives Matter types.I was very ‘darkened’ by the agendas of the Grammys and the lack of uplifting music.    I was really turned off by Sam Smith’s – what happened to that soul?  etc.     Of the grammy’s my favorite was the song that won Song of the Year from Bonnie Raitt.  Just Like That.   If you haven’t heard it I recommend to watch it.  On you tube of course. Also wanted to share as I go through netflix when I am looking for a movie I wish  to watc I found one I want to recommend to you and Belinda.  I’m most likely very late ‘to the game’.  Who knows what year it really came out.   Last night I watched “The Swimmers”.  It was a story about the Syrian refugees that escaped the bombing, made it to Germany, became part of the 2016 Olympic Refugee Team in Rio.  That was a triumphant story.   But at the end of the film it stated what it was based on real life and the sister of the syrian girl who returned back to help  her people get across the sea to Greece arrested and on trial.    It really opened my heart to the complexity of the refugees.    My God, do we still have to drop bombs and have wars? Then of course there is the horrendous tragedy going on with earthquake 7.8 and 7.5 devastating Syria and Turkey all over again. What a world.  What a world. Thank you for making my world much better by all you share. Also by loving and caring for our beloved Belinda.Love, Lauren

    • simplysorro February 7, 2023 at 3:38 pm #

      Hi Lauren,
      Thanks for your comments. I love Bonnie Raitt and Just Like That is both beautiful and powerful. We saw her perform at Hyde Park in London just before COVID and she was brilliant!
      What a gracious acceptance speech too.
      I’ll look out for The Swimmers. Thanks for the recommendations. We’ve just seen The Fablemans which we also enjoyed. Very American, very Spielberg and very good.
      Fond wishes to you from across the ocean.

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