Something for the Weekend?

3 Nov

As Lockdown 2 approaches, I thought my readers would like an isolation recommendation. Or an early invitation to stocking-fill. Or indeed something akin to the old barber-provided remedy for an exciting weekend. The astute among you will already have guessed that this is my lame attempt to entice punters to buy my witty romp of a book that is Eye2i. An eye-catching title, if somewhat cryptic, it is the tale of three old men who, last year, took to their bikes and pedalled from London to Istanbul.

My marketing abilities are limited, save for arm-twisting friends and family or touting my bookywook around social media. I have exhausted the former and am now flogging the latter (dead horse). Please excuse, therefore, this obvious plug for Eye2i.

There are many reasons for me recording our adventure. Firstly there is the fun of reliving the saga for the three of us and our connections (as the horse racing fraternity would describe those with a vested interest) and to have a permanent record, of sorts. Secondly I wanted to keep the name BeatSCAD, the charity for which we raised a little money, in the public domain. It is one of so many small charities struggling for investment in these strange times. I was able, also, to reflect on what was going on back home – Brexit, Boris, Trump – while we were cycling across the continent whose union we had rejected. While writing during Lockdown 1, I added further thoughts from as recently as October 2020, to give a perspective on how our world has been shaken and yet how much strength one can get from the kindness of strangers.

It’s a light-heated read for the most part; see the Amazon reviews if you don’t believe me! It’s also, at 140 pages long, not too daunting for the sluggish reader. Profits, if there are any, will go to BeatSCAD, so you can feel that you have done a little bit to help the cause of this dangerous condition about which we still know too little.

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