Jules Rimet still gleaming..

11 Jul

With France in the final, the founder of FIFA and the World Cup, Jules Rimet, really is still gleaming. It’s Coming Home is, however being sung up and down our green and pleasant land. C’mon England! Tonight we meet Croatia’s Modric, et al to complete the final four showdown of the Euro teams who have been the best in Russia:England, Croatia, France and Belgium.

They have also been the least histrionic, the most manhandled, the most honest…give or take a Pogba prean or a Mandzukic moan. The nearly-forgotten group matches of VAR malfunction and South American brutality have given way to a greater integrity and excitement. It’s sad that the world’s best two players – Messi and Ronaldo – didn’t have one last hurrah but we have been mercifully relieved of the gurning Maradona and the rolling and writhing of Neymar. The cheats have been found out.

The comparison with Boris going the way of all flesh hasn’t escaped me. An expert in throwing his toys out and expecting acquiescence from his Brexit acolytes, he may find that rather too many are relieved that he has exited pursued by Davis. I noticed that two ‘Vice-chairs’ of the Conservative party Maria Caulfield and Ben Bradley have also gone. For two nobodies to resign while England is in the fever grip of World Cup hysteria hardly represents the fine-timing of media-savvy strategists.

No. Cometh the hour cometh the Southgate. How wonderful to have a man leading our national sports team of  whom we can be proud. He is sooo English! The humility, the intelligence and, of course, the waistcoat.

Will Mother Theresa and the ‘glam’ Kolinda of Croatia sit either side of Gianni Infantino, the smiling and rather less corrupt-than-Blatter FIFA President? Or will it be Prince Will our FA president? The dignitaries elbowing their way into vast Russian soccer stadia to grab self-promoting selfies has been an intriguing sideshow. Putin’s Russia has come out of it rather well.

Win or lose tonight, football has come home. It has been a tonic to see crowds gather for fun and passion and togetherness. Good riddance Boris. Gareth for Foreign Secretary. Jules Rimet still gleaming.

One Response to “Jules Rimet still gleaming..”

  1. Martin Creasey July 11, 2018 at 10:42 am #

    well said Paul

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