No News is Good News – or is it?

2 Aug

When the improving cancer survival rates becomes front page news we know something is amiss in Fleet St. or Wapping. Boris the Spider’s gone missing, Pouty Gove is sharpening his autobiographical pencil and Farridge is fulminating about Dave’s final honours list which is all about style (ha ha) and no substance. Certainly little honour. This is must be distressing for that significant number of great people who really do deserve the nation’s approval.

Death by maniac hasn’t headlined this week but it’s only Tuesday. Corbageddon is not quite nigh  and the Olympics are in their pre-opening, potential disaster phase. Duran Duran will come to the rescue. All will be well.

In this climate of media indecision about ‘go to’ scandals, Kevin Roberts, Saatchi’s CEO, grabbed several column-inches for his shameful comments about why women in his sector aren’t desperate to climb ambition’s ladder. He suggested that some females view ambition as circular, not vertical. At some point many decide that happiness – in whatever form they judge that to be – is more important than a tunnelled drive for someone else’s idea of achievement.

How dare Kev suggest this from his 40 year experience of observing men and women in the workplace. Luckily the PC mafia at Saatchi’s have put him on the naughty step until Mother Theresa Maybe takes Sam Cam’s manicurist off the dishonour list. Then the media can get back to what it does best: invent news based on scandal and corruption in public life, imagining that we plebs will forever gorge ourselves on a diet of distress.

As for poor Kev, his tale is another reminder that in our shallow world of soundbites, those on a mission – in this case the right-on female mafia – will ignore context, intention and truth to pursue a vigilante agenda that ill-serves their cause.

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