Pigs in Full Flight…

18 May

Who’d have thought a bigoted, misogynist, racist, hair fly-away would make the Republican nomination for President? What black swan could have predicted an ageing, unreconstructed leftie, who tells his own truth, and doesn’t slag off others would lead the Labour Party into the next election? Who on earth would place money – even at 5000 to 1 – on little Leicester taking the premiership title, with some ease?

The world doesn’t always behave as the elites would want it to. Occasionally the proletariat realise that the tops dogs are, mostly, in it for themselves. Opportunism, advancement and wealth tend to be the guiding watchwords of the political elite – and the wealthiest soccer clubs. There is the assumption that top dogs can’t lose.

I read that George Osborne vociferously denounced university tuition fees more than a decade ago. He pledged that a Tory government would scrap them. Are we surprised that his apparent principled stance metamorphosed into a cackling scepticism once he had climbed up another rung on the ladder of ambition? Our parliamentary system – as well as our educational – breeds short-termism. Say anything you need to get elected; tell lies, breed fear, massage figures, slag off any opponent. And when you are at the top of the pile, continue in the same vein and jump into bed with any country whose economic, military and personal aspirations match yours. Tony Blair. George Bush.

Moving on – and leaving the Trumpmeister on one side for the moment, I haven’t seen Jezza Corbyn employ any of the standard elite tactics so far. He even disappoints his own party by not conforming to the normal rules of engagement, never mind his sartorial ineptitude.  He has perplexed our shallow PM with his principled agenda and refusal to Punch and Judy at PM’s questions. Very strange.

As for the football fantasy story of Leicester – this is more than just a victory for David over the Goliaths. The manner of the triumph, epitomised by the gentle, avuncular niceness of everyone’s favourite Italian, Claudio Ranieri, warmed the hearts of the nation. As we approach the Euro referendum I shall be voting to remain mates with Claudio despite both campaigns peddling untruths and smears as fast as Boz and Dave can think them up. Little Nicci Sturge in Scotland is keeping quiet; I wonder what game she is playing? She strikes me as someone who has yet to decide whether she wants to remain an honest politician or not. Her ship has sailed, I fear. The elites’ gravy-train sucks ’em in and spits ’em out with inherited wealth and pensions and book deals and the speaking circuit to look forward to in their dotage.

Now Claudio might write a book or two – he deserves a bit of glory in print – but I’m guessing that only the Leicester faithful would buy it. Claudio’s niceness doesn’t sell books. But could Leicester’s lightning strike again? Trump for President? Corbyn the PM? England winning the Euro Championship? Pigs might just fly…

2 Responses to “Pigs in Full Flight…”

  1. Hilary Whitehall May 18, 2016 at 12:55 pm #

    I think Claudio’s book sales could surprise you…………but probably only if it had a lot of pictures in it!

  2. Rod Smith May 18, 2016 at 4:45 pm #

    Bigoted, racist, misogynist, surely three essential attributes of a Republican candidate in this day and age. Only the hair is against him!

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