Scoland has decided….now the rest of us have the problems.

19 Sep

I awoke, twelve hours after the last post, to find the UK intact. Now promises must be fulfilled and each part of the federation will be looking to its own interests. The West Lothian question, delivering on ‘Devo Max’, the grumbling from Welsh and Northern Irish and so on. Never mind the General election and Nigel Farage grabbing any high ground he can as the three major (currently) Westminster parties scrabble for disunity in the run-up to next year’s campaign, while having to stick by their ¬†desperate concensus on Scotland’s future.

For all this the energising thing about the night’s events has been the turnout. Over 85% of the enfranchised Scots voted. How brilliant is that? Well done Bravehearts. Well done too to Salmond and Brown, the latter probably swaying things at the death but it appears that there was a silent rump of voters who went for NO to swing the vote firmly that way.

I remain detached as we English are, from the whole thing but I’m pleased that RBS are staying in Edinburgh.

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