Scotland decides….that’s the problem

18 Sep

Thursday 18th September 2014. A landmark day for St. Andrew’s people – but not if you live anywhere else. And not a landmark day for the Welsh, the Northern Irish or the English. We have no say if one limb wants to hack itself off and diminish the whole. That’s why I can’t summon up much interest in the whole thing. Wrong, I know but the mistakes started a while ago.

Firstly YES is a more inviting word than NO. Never mind Cameron’s stupidity in ruling out ‘Enhanced Devolution’ as a third way, his first gaffe was in agreeing the question to be posed. Why didn’t he fight for ‘Scotland should remain part of the UK’? Then he could have engaged us more with a YES campaign and Salmond would be fighting the NO. Big mistake. If I were a lass or laddie from 16 to 60, I might be tempted by the tub thumping of the SNP. Yes is what all people want to hear in a response to a question from infancy on.

Daddy can I have an ice cream?

Yes my son of course you can.

Three cheers for Daddy!

There followed a number of other errors, not least in allowing Alistair ‘eyebrows’ Darling to lead the appallingly negative NO campaign. Seeing dear old Gordon Brown rise to the challenge in the last week must make Dave and Nick and Ed rue that decision.

As I mistakenly pressed ‘publish’ I had a frisson of the excitement or panic that voters might have north of the border. A huge turnout, we hear; people engaged in politics more than they ever have been. Hmm, not sure that nationalism is quite the same as politics and I hope that, whatever happens, the Scots will remain as fervent in their engagement. I think we English rather feel the cold wind of dislike. Certainly the Westminster toffs haven’t done much to stem the blue fervour. The sense of disenfranchisement in other parts of the UK is palpable. However, apart from a few observations, I’ll leave further thoughts until tomorrow:

1. Alex Salmond – untrustworthy, methinks. I prefer Nicola.

2. The Cameron, Clegg, Milliband axis spun out of control a while ago. Team Gordon so much better.

3. Andy Murray is a bit of a plonker.

4. Will the Welsh and N. Irish take their deficits and leave us with ours?

A beer is needed. And we won’t be chatting about the vote…much.

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