Suarez: soccer’s priceless commodity.

22 Apr

The red devil has done it again! Not content with his Lecter tactics in the Low Countries, unsatisfied by gorging himself on racial abuse of Patrice Evra, he has now slaked his thirst for media headlines by sucking the blood of a bloke called Ivanovic – presumably because he’s Transylvanian.

Whatever the case Football is in raptures today as Boston victims and London’s marathon get media-sidelined to allow the Anfield Uruguayan his place in the sun. The untimely death of the pioneering Hillsborough mother, Anne Williams is sadly eclipsed by a criminal act which breathes a sick sort of life into a sad game. Be in no doubt that Sepp Blatter, along with the massive media circus which follows the global game, knows that unseemly controversy is good for soccer.

The examples abound. Goal-line technology, a lame piece of expensive tokenism to getting crucial decisions right, is an innovation almost introduced over Blatter’s dead body. Why? Because getting things wrong is more exciting than getting them right. The ’66 World Cup wouldn’t have been the same. Hurst will tell you, even Frank Lampard knows a bit on that score.Scandals of massive backhanders by ill-equipped nations to stage global tournaments are grist to a sensational money-making mill. Players being naughty on and off the field boosts column inches and fuels our salacious desire for the great game to be more than pretty passing – we want a sort of athletic Eastenders with endless nastiness to gossip about.

Take one of the greatest footballers of this or any other generation, Ryan Giggs. Didn’t we love his wick-dipping escapades? Hitherto he’d been a really boring brilliant player. Cast your minds back to the Hand of God. Didn’t we revel in Maradonna’s cheating? Rudi Voller’s spittle? Zidane’s head-butt? How about Kung-Fu Cantona, the thug-genius Vinnie Jones, Sunderland’s Paolo de Canio’s assault on a wimpish ref.? By the way, Sunderland’s world cred. has shot up with their new goose-stepping manager. Precedent is everywhere. John Terry knows it. Carlos Tevez on his 150 hours of community service knows it. No need to go on because whoever reads this will think of a dozen more before the ink dries.

Two things. First there is a cover up. Most soccer is bloody boring so needs to be elevated by controversy. Second, the really brilliant players and teams through history needed no such sensationalism because their play was exciting, captivating, engrossing…for the full 90minutes. We have Barcelona, closely followed by Real Madrid and Bayern Munich at the moment. Not enough. We have Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo as the two world geniuses. Not enough. And they don’t spit, bite, foul, cheat or, as far as I know, shag the woman next door. How dull.

One Response to “Suarez: soccer’s priceless commodity.”

  1. Ed Jones April 22, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    If you offered Luis Suarez a 2-2 draw against Chelsea of Sunday, he’d have bitten your arm off!

    Jokes aside, another disgusting display from footballs most infamous player.

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