What I see is often not what you get.

3 Sep

Having just fired off my ‘Education. education….’ post I found myself frustrated that the published version appeared truncated, left hanging in mid-sentence. Add in the typos and my own education appeared pretty inadequate. C’est la vie I suppose. I had completed my thoughts on Messrs Gove and Wilshaw with a nice little plea to Mike and Mike to pay heed to the quiet multitude who just want children and teachers to have good collaborative times in school without the agenda for change and the spurious drive for squeezing more out of the system to dominate the thinking of educational leaders.

Oscar Pistorius, caught in the headlights of disappointment showed how technicalities, focusing on the smaller picture, can distort the greater journey. He had a microphone shoved up his nose immediately after the 200metres but his cry of ‘it’s unfair’ was too hastily voiced.

We get similar responses when issues to do with schools are raised with the Mikes. Someone is to blame and reading above, below and between the lines, it’s usually teachers. Well Education ministers and Heads of Ofsted have far shorter shelf-lives than the average teacher. They stir the pot, change the goalposts and the bugger off. The average teacher sits in the pot, occasionally getting out to redraw the lines round the goals.

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